Our Visit to Prison

Today we went to the Mysore Central Prison where 100 women and 1,000 men are imprisoned. This is the largest prison in this state. The women are separated from the men and we were taken to the women’s quarters. It’s not as strict as American prisons and the ladies were able to have their rooms open and it was mostly a community setting. However, the housing is overcrowded and the women sleep on the floor. The ladies have different charges against them and sentence times can range from a couple weeks to the death penalty.
We had a prayer meeting and small worship service in one of the women’s barracks. Sister Charlene, one of the women from the SIO ministry, led the women In singing Kannada hymns and she read a Bible lesson to them. Then the ladies came up and we prayed for them individually. Most of the ladies asked for prayer about their upcoming court dates, and some of the women have Supreme Court tomorrow. The women also asked prayer for their families. Although we couldn’t understand much of what they said and their English was limited, it was a powerful time of prayer and bringing hope to those in hopeless situations. We aren’t sure what background the women came from, what religion, or what their crime is but we wanted them to know there is hope and freedom in Jesus. It was a tremendous experience and showed us that God is with us no matter the circumstances.
Katie & Tessa


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