Auntie auntie auntie

This wonderful name is said hundreds of times during the day! The name auntie is what children call people who are older than them, much like we would say ma’am in the US.

Today like everyday we woke up and helped the girls in the center get ready for school. Between looking for uniforms and doing hair, and devotionals, it is a full time job!

We are with the kids pretty much sun up to sun down. Always hearing “Auntie! Auntie!”. However, it’s awesome that the children are opening up to us. The youngest girl, Steffy, who was very shy now talks to us and gives hugs. The children here are so loving and respectful.

Another part of our mission is helping students with tuitions aka tutoring. During school hours,Katie helps the first standard and I help the second standard students to better understand the English ABCs and numbers. This is actually quite difficult because the majority of the children speak the local dialect of Kannada. They are also learning three languages at one time. Kannada the regional language, Hindi the national language, and English. The school seems to use repetition to help the children learn and they often must copy write letters and sentences several times. It’s a bit repetitive repetitive, Iet me repeat, it’s bit repetitive for them but I guess it does the trick.

Today was another first for us. Our friend , the youth pastor ,Daniel got us some coconuts that were still green. You are supposed to drink the coconut water as well as eat the meat inside the coconut. To open the coconut they used what I would call a small machete. Thankfully we had a before and after the first-sip-photo taken and the results are clearly evident in the photos haha. My face ended in a grimace because I think the coconut water tastes like grass. Katie kept a composed face but disliked the taste as well. It was a good experience and we will try most anything once. Mind you I said ONCE!

Then we tried what are called “chots” . This is local food from vendors on the street. Yes that’s right the street, we checked it’s ok to eat them, we still haven’t drank the water , though we seem to have tried just about everything else. Anyway, we had a spicy food that was a dry cauliflower with spices. It was very good but very HOT :0!!!







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