Coconut Smoke and Sneezes

Yes, that’s right. An odd combination but a part of our lives for the past couple days. Here our neighbors find the 70 degree weather to be chilly so they burn coconut shells for heat. We have been told this is a toxic mixture which isn’t so good, but all it seems to make us do is sneeze. I have probably sneezed more in India than my entire life haha. This morning Katie awoke to the smoke filling our room, which she thought was a fire, but it soon aired out.

Here are some pictures of things we’ve encountered from traveling the city this week!







Please notice the cow is in the house, a different kind of pet than in the U.S ;).

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2 thoughts on “Coconut Smoke and Sneezes

  1. Katie's mom

    I hope you girls are able to find something you like to eat. I can’t imagine a cow in the house. Praying lots of prayers for both of you. Love, Mom

  2. Tessa's Mommy

    Sorry but you are not getting a cow:). Looks like you girls have been busy. Miss you and Katie. Love you

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