We Bought A Zoo!!! Not Really, But More Importantly We Rode An Elephant!!

Today was deemed a tourist day where we went and saw some tourist attractions in and around Mysore. We started the day by going to the Chumandi Hill. This is a large hill for this area that overlooks most of Mysore. The main attraction for most of the visitors is the temple on top of the mountain, however, for us it was the views of the city. The hill offers a 180 degree view of Mysore.

Our next stop was at the Queen’s summer palace which has been converted into a hotel. The palaces in Mysore are truly beautiful with unique architecture and vibrant colors. We were able to go to the restaurant in the hotel where we were served tea. It was like being proper English women and the server wore a waistcoat and bow tie. It was quite the shindig with pinkies extended of course haha.

We then stopped at a bird/butterfly sanctuary with a lake. It was really good to see the more natural and cleaner part of Mysore. It really is a tranquil place surrounded by intriguing trees especially banyan trees and colorful flowers. The highlight of the trip was the bird sanctuary when a peacock fully extended it’s feathers. They are gorgeous animals with their dark blue heads and colorful feathers.

Since, we were already acquainted with animals we decided to go to the zoo. We saw countless animals, but our favorite was the elephants . They had both African and Indian elephants there. They also had hundreds of other animals. We are getting used to the fact that we have to pay more to go places, and that since we are so fair skinned that often people stop,and take our picture, so relating to the animals at the zoo was pretty easy.

After the zoo, we went to the Mysore Palace . It is really a switch to go places in India, because in the US its no shoes no service. However, in India its exactly the opposite, in most monuments. Anyway the palace was absolutely beautiful! It had some of the most extravagant architecture we had ever seen! There were colorful teal columns made of cast iron that held up a ceiling of peacock inspired stained glass ceiling. It was spectacular to see. Several of the past king’s furniture and artifacts. Elephants were carved into many of the royal family’s possessions. The grandeur of the palace was just amazing to see! The palace tour also allowed us to learn more about the city. After the palace we got to ride an elephant! We were beyond excited!! Riding an elephant is something we were dying to do , so riding it was one of the highlights of the day!!

Following the palace tour, we went to the Brandivan Gardens. The scenery was tremendous with a backdrop of a dam. The wall of the dam backs the garden area so it’s a great mixture of greenery and stone. The garden had a wide variety of flowers but the main eye-catcher is all of the fountains. The garden is set up in tiers and on each level there are several fountains. It has been a wonderful day and these are some of the memories we will never forget! (especially the elephant ride).

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One thought on “We Bought A Zoo!!! Not Really, But More Importantly We Rode An Elephant!!

  1. Tessa's Mommy

    Sounds like an amazing day!!! Glad you are having a fun time. Did you take pictures?

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