Hot hot hot!

Today we started off on our normal routine. We went to morning prayer, taught, and tutored until the evening. Another one of our ministries is spending time with the center children after school. Katie is heading up the younger children and the girls. They do crafts, play games, and sing songs. There are always giggles coming from this group. The “Olympic Games” began today for the older boys that live in the center. Today was the long jump and table tennis. It’s just amazing to get more connected with the children through games. Another exciting part of the evening was attending an Indian Bible study!

We started off being very culturally appropriate , by expressing close relational bonds with one another. In other words , we loaded up in the Caravan ( 14 people in an 8 passenger vehicle) and were on our way.

When we got to the Bible study , it was in a beautiful Indian style home. It had beautiful archways above the doors of the house, and large windows. Since there were thirty of us attending the Bible study we had to sit very close and bring in chairs from the other room just to fit. We started off the service by singing. There were Hindi , English , and Kannada languages represented at the Bible study, but we only sang in English and Kannada . The lesson came from 1 Peter 2nd chapter and talked about submission to authority. We are supposed to be submissive to our governments and superiors, however, God’s law should be what dictates our actions.

After the lesson the hosting family provided us with dinner. Dinner is traditionally not served until 8 or 9 at night, so Katie and I sometimes have a small dinner before or just snacks. The food tonight was very pungent aka SPICY!! Our mouths were on fire. Usually we try to finish all the food to not offend the cook, however, tonight our taste buds could not muster the strength to continue on. After dinner they did serve us an Indian dessert that was sweet and thankfully not spicy.







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One thought on “Hot hot hot!

  1. Katie's mom

    It sounds like you have had a busy day. I think that it is wonderful that you are getting to meet lots of people and even go to homes for Bible study. I am so glad that whether you are in the USA or India, the word of God still speaks to us when we read it and that the God that watches over me in Point Pleasant is also watching over you in India. I love and am praying for both of you. Mom

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