Girl scout cookies or just a mess on a plate

Today was a day of prayer and fasting! We prayed for two hours for drought , the church, and the people of the town. It was an awesome time of praise and praying together with fellow believers. The time just allowed us to focus on praying and drawing closer to God. Although, its rainy season here , we have been without rain for quite some time. It hasn’t really rained since we have arrived here. In India, they use the water for hydraulic power, so without it electricity outages , like we mentioned yesterday occur. Also today in India there is a festival ,in which they worship their demon goddess. Many of the school kids and our neighbors have been worshiping and providing sacrifices , and singing in the streets. It’s an eerie ritual, so we have been praying very hard today, and would appreciate the extra prayer!

We also worked with the kids today! We are starting to get very attached, so our mothers better be prepared for some tag alongs when we return (we wish). The kids truly are amazing! They are always keeping us on our toes and active. To all the mothers and fathers out there we salute you for all your energy and hard work.

In other news, we could never pass as the perfect Indian housewives. Number one the apartment is a wreck haha and most Indians seem to be neat and tidy. Although I am proud to say we do stay caught up on the dishes most of the time :). Another issue may be the cooking scenario. Tonight’s attempt at sugar cookies turned more into sweet biscuits. We blame the Indian humidity but it may just be the cooking skills. Most importantly the “cookies” are edible and the girls will appreciate them tomorrow. Tomorrow is our sleepover with the center girls, so it should be a jolly good time.





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2 thoughts on “Girl scout cookies or just a mess on a plate

  1. Tessa's Mommy

    At least you attempted to cook 🙂 proud of you

  2. Katie's mom

    I bet your sweet biscuits will taste great. Have fun with the little girls and the sleepover. I know they will enjoy it. Love and prayers for both of you, Mom

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