Sleepover and a hospital visit …

The question is: where to even start? Today has been a happening day. Our first adventure was a trip to the hospital. No, don’t be alarmed we were just visiting patients. This is one of the weekly ministries of the staff pastors here at the church. Once a week they hand out fruit to patients. We went to the Mysore Central Hospital which is a government run hospital. The hospital is located in a mostly Muslim neighborhood so visiting the patients is a good way to spread the love of God. The hospital would by no means meet the standards of American hospitals. Although I think this hospital has not been renovated and is older than others. The overall appearance was slightly dirty and the wards are large rooms with several beds along the wall. There were no rooms with individual beds. So although it is never good to be a patient, be thankful for the care and comforts of American hospitals.

After we returned from the hospital we decided to try our hands at being Betty Crocker again. Let’s just say nothing turned out exactly how we wanted it to, but it was all edible. We made homemade doughnuts and by homemade I mean we made the dough from scratch. Of course during this time the electricity went out on our wall, so we had the hot plate on the floor frying doughnuts. We felt it was kind of like camping. We also made a glaze for our cookies. Yes, at first it had butter islands all throughout it but the overall taste was delicious. I am pleased to say that the girls enjoyed all the food. We aren’t sure if they have ever had real sugar cookies before :). As long as all the food was doused in sugar they ate it.

The cookies were one of many first for the girls. For some of the girls ,it was their first sleepover! We started the evening with painting nails. We had dots, and stripes and even toes :). Then we did the ever popular sleepover activity , of beauty shop! We did the girls hair and some of them, returned the favor. Then we did arts and crafts and made pretty bands,( hair ties with ribbons), and friendship bracelets! Since the girls were loaded up with sugar and screaming “auntie auntie”, from eating ours cookies and donuts, we decided to work off some of that energy with games! We started off with a game, known as the cookie game! In this game you put a cookie on your forehead and have to get it to your mouth without touching it with your hands! Needless to say it was hilarious! We then played limbo and slowed the evening down with a movie!

We are awful sleepy from the sleepover!











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2 thoughts on “Sleepover and a hospital visit …

  1. Jill Burris

    Be careful cooking in your room. I love you guys and miss ya! LOVE


  2. Susie

    You need to fix us some of those delicious doughnuts when you get back. Love you all and are so proud of you

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