Let it Rain, open the floodgates of heaven

It’s amazing how the Lord works! Back in November, the Lord began speaking to us about India through the book of Haggai. I called for a drought on the fields and the mountains, on the grain, the new wine, the olive oil and everything else the ground produces, on people and livestock, and on all the labor of your hands.” (Haggai 1:11 NIV). Low and behold , we have been experiencing a drought here the last couple weeks. We have have also been experiencing the demon worship festivals of our neighbors and corrupt government officials. However, the most amazing thing happened early this morning, the singing of the festival ceases and the rain fell almost like the Lord was saying I am God and everything was still.

Today has just been a day of worship for us. We had our church service this morning, and sang contemporary songs like be my everything, as a congregation. Three of us from the staff preformed , the song hallelujah Jesus for the offering. It was amazing just to get to sing and praise the Lord.
Then after the preaching we began teaching the Kannada kids for Sunday school.

I had a great experience with my middle school class today! I had 30 middle school kids, so of course we had loads of screaming and interactive activities! Although they are a rambunctious bunch they are so much fun! Many of them said they may bring friends next week,which is great, except we may need a bigger room or at least an extra helper.

I (Tessa) am teaching the preschool class. It’s a little confusing at times because they don’t understand any English but they get the message of the lesson through a translator. Last week went a little bit smoother for my Sunday school class. We are teaching them about creation and starting at e beginning of the children’s Bible and working our way back. However, today was a little bit different. A man was supposed to observe me teaching the class because he may want to teach it when we leave, but instead he took over the class completely. He was a bit overbearing and just started talking to the kids in Kannada. I think he will be a good teacher at some point but I hope he will learn more tact.
Also, one cultural difference that I find stifling happened in my class today. Even though they are only in preschool he made them color their pictures a certain way. The boy had to have black hair, orange skin, green top, and red shorts. This is the same way that they teach in school in drawing class that there is only one way to draw/color. Creativity is discouraged over here instead of encouraged like in America. Overall though, the children learned more about God and that He made each of them special.

Tonight we went to a praise, prayer, and worship service at church. The band led us in contemporary music that just lifts you up and really gets you in the right mindset for worship. It’s just amazing to see the passion of the musicians as well as the congregation. Everyone sings along, claps, and lifts their hands in worship. We broke into small groups and prayed about several subjects. We prayed for the country of India and that the love of Jesus will spread. We prayed for the government, because many officials are corrupt. I think we need to have the same attitude in America and pray for our nation as well as our leaders every day. We also prayed for the ministries at the center as well as the local community. Also due to the drought we have been praying for rain.

I was in a small group with 3 younger girls and an older woman. The girls range from 7th standard to 4th standard. I was just so amazed at their reverence as they prayed and their passion as they spoke with God. We are just so proud of all the children here. “I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it” – Luke 18:17. We can learn so much from children about faith and truly surrendering every part of our lives to God.

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