Birthday Bash

Today has been amazingly fun and active. We started out with devotionals with the center girls. They are so precious and loving. Then Katie and I tag teamed the second standard tuitions. We taught more multiplication and spelling words. Today we went for 20 kids so we had our hands full, but the children did a good job. Today is sadly our last day that we will be teaching in the school. On the up side God has continued to answer our prayers and it rained for a couple minutes today.

This was a very special day for the kids, because the pastors wife came home from the States today. She is called mommy by most of the kids and is a wonderful woman! The kids threw her a welcome home celebration and decorated the hope center. They are so sweet :).

Today is Nano’s (Nathaniel, the pastor’s son) birthday. Today has been a day of celebration and activities. Katie and I were in charge of planning some of the games for the party. Nano ended up having three birthday parties and three cakes. His first party was for all his friends, the center kids, and neighborhood kids. Altogether there were about 30 people. Our first game was a scavenger hunt, where the children had to find certain objects or people and have their picture taken doing the activity. Then we had a balloon toss for the older boys and played king of the castle.

The next party was in the Shamala’s home and was for family and staff. We cut the cake and Nano fed his grandfather and we gave him his presents! We actually had Chinese food which is awesome since we are in Asia. Then we played a game called shenanigans and had a wonderful evening! Then the center boys threw Nano a party in their room. They used their pocket money to buy him a birthday cake :).

We are packing to leave for a trip to Kote tomorrow through Saturday. We had to tell the children we are leaving for a couple days and some of them got upset. I don’t know how we are going to leave in 11 days. I think we will be leaving a little piece of our hearts here with the kids. Just in case we don’t have wifi, we will be traveling , but we will still be safe. None the less, we appreciate the prayer for a safe journey because it is a very long and grueling drive !






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