July 17, 2012

For those of you with weak constitutions or prone to motion sickness use caution as you read. Today has been a day of travel. We left Mysore at 8 am and about 9 1/2 hours later we reached our destination of Kodaikanal. We rented a taxi and driver until Saturday.

The trip here has amazing scenery ranging from wide open flatlands to soaring mountains. The variety of living conditions is also amazing. We would travel through a large city, small towns, and villages. Some of the homes looked like little more than a shack and the doors are made of hardened paper.

The town of Kodai is actually near the top of a mountain. And yes I know West Virginia has some mountains but these are just as intense. It took 2 hours to drive from the bottom of he mountain to the town. This was quite a drive with barely a two lane road overlooking a cliff on one side. The road has several hairpin bends where you have to honk the horn to alert other drivers. Basically you go from facing north to south in a couple feet. This trip made West Virginia back roads look like interstates.

Although the ride was rough, the place we are staying at is gorgeous !! It looks like we stepped into a Grim Fairy Tale ! It’s a little cottage , that looks like it could be in Ireland or part of an old English countryside. The weather change is kinda crazy we went from 80s to 60s and the heater isn’t working in the house. Hot chocolate has become our new best friend, who would have thought in the middle of July.

None the less , we are so excited about the rest of trip! We hope some mediation and rest can help us refuel for our last week of ministry 😦 .






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