Our trip to the mountains

The past two days have allowed us to recharge our batteries in God’s nature and do a little retail therapy.We went to downtown Kodai , and began shopping and exploring. It is a lake town on a mountain, so it is definitely an interesting atmosphere.
We went into side shops and handmade craft shops ,as we looked for souvenirs. This is our first time getting to shop on our own, so we were a little unsure what to expect. Here in India they use the currency, called a rupee . One US dollar is worth 55 rupees , but since we are spending rupees, it’s hard to budget and wrap our mind around a new currency.

Anyway the shops had tons of unique and handmade goods. Carvings, fabrics, and jewelry covers shops and stands galore. There are many other items too, there are so many different stands that it’s a bit overwhelming at times. Besides just shopping we decided to eat at a restaurant called HFC , hilltop fried chicken. To our surprise , it ended up being delicious ! Easily our favorite restaurant so far!
Something else that’s hard to get used to is the concept of “public restrooms”. In India , to have an American Style toilet cost money, and are only in select places. Most people just go over the drain or along the road, the word public is used quite literally here. We did conquer the native “squatty potty” which is sometimes the only option.

We decided to call it a day after a few hours and come home. The next morning we learned that a wild bison gored two of the landowner’s cows. So we won’t be going out by ourselves. Also word on the streets is there may be a leopard in the neighborhood.








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