Watch out for that cliff

Today we visited some of the local tourist spots around Kodai. Our first stop was a pine forest. They have some of the most random “tourists” spots over here. The pine forest was gorgeous with trees very close together, however, the backwoods of West Virginia are just as stunning. Another stop was a memorial for where they first began a road, as I said the reasons for tourist destinations seems very strange over here. We did see quite a lot of monkeys at this location. Monkeys are everywhere over here and almost as common as seeing birds. They are very cute but we have to remind ourselves not to get too close to them.

“Watch out for that hole where that man fell” another hotspot. This was the location where a man fell into a cavern and died. Not the best circumstances for a memorial but the scenery was amazing. The ground literally opens up and forms deep crevices in the side of the mountain. There are gorgeous trees with roots that seem to go on forever. We climbed some of the roots up a hill to see the view of the mountain. The mountain just stops suddenly and there is an instant drop off. It was very foggy today, so we couldn’t see all the way down but I can just imagine how far to the bottom.

Another sight seeing opportunity was Pillar Rock. Here we were also able to see a waterfall that cascades down the mountain. It has truly been wonderful to see some of the splendor of God’s creations. It is awe inspiring to see how small we are in comparison to God, yet He loves us so much.

Then we decided to do Noah’s ark backwards and came off the beautiful mountain and took a boat ride :).










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