Sunday, saris, soccer

Well today was a wonderful Sunday, but it was anything, but the day of rest. We started off the day by going to service . We had great worship and message! Then we were brought up in front of the church and were prayed over since this is our last Sunday. We absolutely love the church that we are a part of here in India! The members are so welcoming and friendly, it’s like being back home.

Then after the English service , we taught our Sunday school classes and got to spend quality time with our class . After Sunday school, we were taken to downtown and had a market experience :/. It is super overwhelming, and covered with people asking you to buy things, and by asking we mean yelling at you to buy things. When we say covered with people , we really mean black Friday times ten. One gentleman even followed Tess for a block trying to get here to buy a cat box. Needless to say, it will be a long time, before we complain about crowds in malls, stores, anywhere for a while. I think this has showed me that I don’t want to live in a large city.

We also bought the material for our saris, so before too long we will be proper Indian women. We have to wait for the blouse to be tailored but we are very excited to learn how to wear them. After shopping we came back to the center and decided to play futball with the boys. They took us to a local field and we showed them our amazing skills :p. Really though we had an amazing time and it’s a great way to connect with the boys. Girls are rarely invited to play sports, so we were very excited they wanted us to play with them. We will be leaving for Andre in the morning. This is a rural village and we will be having services for the people. We are very excited about seeing this part of India and teaching others about God. We won’t have wifi until Wednesday so until then friends :).




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