The Power of Prayer

Today has been another day of traveling Andre and praying for the people. Overall we stopped at 10 villages where we prayed at the churches. It’s such a blessing to be able to meet the people and pray for their individual needs. We have also seen a couple actual “villages”. These are impoverished areas where the conditions are not the best. The people live in small cement or stone homes that are located right off the narrow and bumpy roads. There is no running water so the people use plastic containers to carry water home from the public water. Bathrooms are even harder to find and most just use the streets.

In this village we prayed for a man that had recently undergone chest surgery for tuberculosis. This is an amazing story of God’s power and love. The man was the first person that converted from Muslim to Christianity in the village. Since his conversion there has been a revival in the village and many more have come to know God.

We stopped for another service, where we were able to worship with the local people. After the service we were able to pray for the people. The needs are so great, but God is so much bigger than any problems we have. One man had a miraculous story or being dead and coming back alive. He still could not walk well so we prayed for continued healing. One lady had been but by a snake and another person has tuberculosis. It was an amazing experience to life the people’s needs up to God.
We even got the opportunity to pray with Muslim neighbors in the name of Jesus, and they came to us. This may not seem like that big of a deal , but it’s currently Ramadan which is a huge Muslim holiday. Well like we said the Lord was moving through the villages and the Spirit was moving in us ,as well. Since we had decided to drive through the night we also began moving on the road and since Indians are so hospitable we had many large bottles of water , so we had to make some other movements.

“Blue moon, I saw you standing alone”….I certainly hope not. We have become quite native concerning bathrooms. We have conquered the “squatty-potty” as well as the “great outdoors”. Driving all night on the interstate with no bathrooms leads to dodging headlights in the bushes :p.
It’s been quite an adventure.














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