The Village People

We started our journey around 6:30 am to head to the village of Andre. After about an hour into the trip, they took us to McDonald’s for breakfast . We both had hash-browns and had a brief bit of nostalgia.
After many curvy roads and hours later, we arrived at the house of a wonderful Indian family. This area is by far the warmest we’ve been to so they took us to the room in the house with a fan. After sitting there a while we realized there was blood all over my hands, shirt, and arm. Now nobody freak out it was just a scratch but the family freaked out and came to rescue with cotton.
After doctoring the scratch , the family began stuffing us with food. Seriously, like giving us delicious food until we could physically not eat another bite. It’s amazing how hospitable the people in Indian are. We are so blessed to be here. After praying for the family, we got to see their local church in the area. Low and behold the church was called New Hope! Churches here are not like most in America. They are simple cement buildings that are one room with windows and fans for ventilation. Restrooms are a rare find anywhere in India, including church buildings.

At each of the villages we visited the church and spoke with the pastors. We prayed for the ministry and the pastors for encouragement. It is an awesome experience to actually pray for the people. It’s no longer a prayer request but a face to face relationship with the person. Here at the center we prayed for the pastors and their ministry, but to actually see the churches in person was fabulous.








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